Jelly Beans Daycare

Enriching, Respectful and Fun

               GUIDELINES FOR FEES



  • Full Time (4 hours a day or more for 5 days/week): $35/day
  • Full Time (4 hours a day or more for 4 days or less): $40/day
  • Part Time (8am-12pm or 1pm-5:15pm for 5 days/week ): $25/day
  • Part Time (8am-12pm or 1pm-5:15pm for 4 days/week or less): $30/day


        *We are open from 7 am-5:15pm*


As of Jan 1st 2013 


**For every 10 minutes after 5:15pm you are late to pick up your child, $5 will be

added on to your weekly bill**unless other plans were arranged upon signing up.


Families are allowed 1 week unpaid vacation a year. Please give at least 1 months

notice. Anything over 1 week must be paid or else the child's spot will not be held.

Statutory Holidays are not Paid but are observed.

Each child is allowed 3 sick days a month UNPAID. Anything over 3 days are PAID. 

Unused sick days are NOT carried over to the following month.

If I am sick or my children are too sick that your child cannot attend daycare,

you will not be charged. You are not charged for my vacation days.


I require a deposit of one weeks fee to be given at the start of your child's first day.

This deposit will be held to cover your last week of daycare. 2 weeks notice

must be given for termination.


Payment is due every FRIDAY.  I accept cash only

There will be a late payment charge of $10/day to a maximum of $50.

If late payment exceeds 5 days, your child will not be permitted to come

back until the arrears are paid in full.

**all rates include snacks and lunch.  Breakfast will be provided on request for

an additional $2/day.