Jelly Beans Daycare

Enriching, Respectful and Fun

                                       Our Home

Currently our photo gallery is password protected. This ensures that our current clients can view photos of their children participating in our events and not worry about strangers seeing or downloading the photos.

Therefore, here are some photos of our home and playroom, so you can get a general Idea of what we offer.  We allow the children free range of the entire home, but the majority of them like to play there. :) Our daycare has been running now for 5 years. :)


     Our Home


                                      Myself and my husband of 10 years 

 Our Playroom

We have an overload of every toy imaginable. We have a train table, a castle, all the little people sets, and tons and tons more. Not to mention all the Polly Pockets, Barbies and Transformers for the older children in my daughter's room. 

The Playroom is favorite to the children, however they are not confined. Those that are comfortable with stairs are permitted to play in my children's rooms.



Our Backyard Play Area